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International Labor is an ecosystem of global employment solutions, we specialize in connecting employers from the US, Canada and different parts of the world with the reliable and effective workforce they require for their business where both employer and employee have legal certainty and transparency in the process of placement and permanence in the work period, with a win-win vision that provides the human resources that companies require and contributes to the socioeconomic well-being of workers and their families



We offer a variety of services for Employment Agency, Immigration, Legal, Administrative and Accounting Counseling!

We are proud to be part of thousands of families who have crossed the border with secure and fully completed contracts.


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Temporary Visas Program

We listen to your needs to identify your plans and provide solutions. We have the experience to offer you the job projection you require to fill your vacancies. Experts in temporary or seasonal employment, we take care of presenting a valid Temporary Work Certification issued by the United States Department of Labor (DOL) along with the H-2 petition. We inform you about the options and the specific process you decide to follow.



We ensure a professional service linking with qualified, stable people, with legal immigration status and with the necessary documentation for their hiring. We take care of the entire visa process. Support to the employer throughout the contract period.

We participate directly in safe, planned and organized labor mobility.

Innovation we have a system so that you can meet your candidates and efficiently select what you require, as well as an APP that allows you to have interaction with your work base at all times and the administrative staff of International Labor.


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Fundación Jurídica del Migrante S.C.

We have a subsidiary company in Mexico, in charge of recruiting and selecting personnel, with more than 17 years of experience in the field and enjoying recognition and roots among municipal, state and federal authorities.


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